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University Writing Portfolio

The University Writing Portfolio is a mid-career check-in to determine if a student’s writing abilities are ready to handle the challenges of Writing-in-the-Major (M) Courses and other upper-division courses that assign writing.

Changes to the University Writing Portfolio in 2020


Beginning in the fall term of 2020, students will submit their University Writing Portfolio (UWP) online. Students will no longer fulfill or submit any aspect of the UWP in person or in paper form. Additionally, the Writing Program has eliminated the Timed Write component of the UWP.

Important Update

We do not yet have a solution for the online submission site, but we are working overtime to figure it out. We will have a plan in place by October, and the submission will be online. My.Wsu will no longer be the submission site.


This page will be updated regularly with more information.

Expected Timeline

The WSU Writing Program is working closely with Enterprise Systems to have the new University Writing Portfolio online submission process up and running by October of 2020 at the latest. We recognize that many students are anxious about this requirement, and we appreciate students, advisors, and staff bearing with us for the next few months.

Unfortunately, My.Wsu is no longer the expected site for submission. Our colleagues in Enterprise Systems and AOI are no longer confident that this site would be ideal for this process.

Students who are planning on graduating in December and have not yet completed the University Writing Portfolio should contact the Writing Program. We are committed to not impeding the progress of those students.

This page will be updated regularly with more information.

WSU Campuses and WSU Online students

Contact your campus Writing Portfolio office with questions or concerns.


University Writing Portfolio submissions will be read and evaluated by a member of the Writing Program’s UWP assessment team. These readers include faculty, instructors, and para-professional responders from all departments and disciplines who have been trained to review UWP submissions in light of the goals and purposes of the assessment. If a reader has concerns about a student’s writing or readiness for upper-division writing endeavors, they may assign a further course requirement, most commonly in the form of a 1-credit course designed to support you as you work on writing-intensive courses such as M Courses.

Results will be accessible through My.Wsu. The reader will provide a brief response to the student writer and will give the submission one of two ratings:


The work shows a proficiency in writing suitable for upper-division work at WSU. The University Writing Portfolio requirement will be fulfilled.

In progress

The work shows a need for additional, structured writing assistance in upper-division course work. The student will be required to take additional course work in the form of a one-credit writing collaborative (Write 205 or Write 302) taken in conjunction with a Writing in the Major [M] courses, or a three-credit writing course. The student must complete the additional course assigned in order to satisfy the University Writing Portfolio requirement.

In the case you believe the evaluation result is inaccurate, you have 120 days to formally appeal the decision. 

Important forms

Please note: Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the university. Any student who attempts to gain an unfair advantage over other students by cheating will have to submit a new Junior Writing Portfolio and will be reported to the Office Student Standards and Accountability. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:  plagiarism, submitting papers that are not your own, and forging professor signatures. Cheating is further defined in the Standards for Student Conduct for students, WAC 504-26-010 (3). Read more.