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Online Writing Support through

WSU is one of several colleges in the Northwest to participate in the eTutoring program. All WSU students are encouraged to use the system for writing support, including those in Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and Everett, plus all Global Campus students. This consortium effort is staffed with trained peer tutors from the participating schools. Tutors are available for subject-specific tutoring as well as writing tutoring.

Students submitting writing through the system should receive feedback within a 24-48 hour range. Certain weeks, such as those around midterms and finals, are busier, resulting in a longer turnaround time.

To use this service:

Head to, click the Log In Now button, and select “Washington State” from the menu, and then “Washington State University System” from the next menu.

First-time users should enter their WSU ID and then use the password wsuonline. Upon entrance to the site, students will be directed to change their password.

eTutoring will also provide tutoring help in subjects such as math, statistics, accounting, and biology, with a 48-hour response time. This tutoring is unrelated to the Writing Program and students interested should contact the Academic Support and Career Services office for information.