Writing Resources for Graduate Students

WSU-specific Graduate Writing Resources

WSU has several support services and resources for graduate writers at all stages of the graduate experience. Most are free of charge and can be accessed multiple times to maximize your learning.

Graduate Writing Center

Professional Development Initiative

WSU Libraries

Professional Editing Service Center

  • Hire a professional editor to work on your document (Some services require an advisor’s approval.)

Writing as a Teaching Assistant


  • Enroll in a one-credit writing support course

WRIT 205 Course Description

This one-credit course provides individualized and small group instruction designed to help undergraduate writers improve their sentence and paragraph writing skills. The sentence skill development exercises in this course emphasize the types of sentences most commonly used in writing assignments across the disciplines. The class also provides instruction on building effective paragraphs (descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive) and shaping them for use within specific disciplinary genres and conventions.

WRIT 405 Course Description

This one-credit course provides individualized and small group instruction on the “moves” used in academic and professional writing, including journal articles, theses, and dissertations, as well as writing required for coursework. Using the textbook Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills 3rd Ed, students in this class perform exercises that cover the essential and nonessential components of writing the sections of academic papers—introductions, methods, results, discussions, and conclusions. Other topics, such as how to present data in multiple formats, how to qualify results, and how to tailor papers to match the conventions of specific disciplines are also discussed.

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Other Graduate Writing Resources

Follow these links to an excellent selection of useful handouts, sentence starters, recordings, book recommendations, and software recommendations to strengthen your graduate writing.

CUE 402G

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