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Graduate Writing Center Services

The GWC offers a number of services to graduate and professional students who would like help with writing. Whether you bring in a polished draft of a dissertation or a brand new cover letter for a job application, the GWC is able to help.

Our Mission

The mission of the GWC is to assist graduate and professional students from all disciplines with all types of written communications from papers and publications that must be written as researchers, to syllabi and assignments students must prepare as teachers.

GWC Policies:

  • Because proofreading/copy editing services are NOW AVAILABLE through the Professional Proofreading and Editing Service, scheduled appointments will not cover proofreading/copy editing.
  • Scheduled appointments take place entirely during the time allotted. Comments made by the tutor will not be emailed back to the author unless the author meets with the tutor during the designated hour to discuss tutor comments.
  • Graduate and professional students are limited to a total of ONE scheduled appointment during a calendar week. Contact the GWC for more information.
  • Faculty and staff of WSU may not use the GWC unless they are also enrolled as a graduate student; otherwise, faculty and staff are welcome to use the Professional Editing Service Center.
  • For any questions, email us at

GWC Services Offered

1. Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment for an in-depth face-to-face consultation focusing on broad, overall writing issues. Writing projects should be limited to 15 double-spaced pages and submitted via email using the following instructions:

  • Send an email to
  • MAKE SURE TO include the first and last name of your selected facilitator in the subject line of the email (the name of the person with whom you scheduled an appointment)
  • Attach a copy of your document to the email

If you do not include the first and last name of your selected facilitator in the subject line then your document will not be available to your facilitator and your appointment may be cancelled.

Make sure to submit your file no less than 24 hours before the appointment. Please submit your file in either .doc or .docx format so that facilitators can put comments on it.

Please make sure to have YOUR NAME on any documents submitted to the GWC .

2. Open Hours

Open hours do not require an appointment, and sessions are limited to 30 minutes if there are students waiting to meet with a tutor. Open hour consultations focus on:

  • form, flow, and organization
  • clarity, coherence
  • copy-editing of up to 2 pages

3. Drop-in Workshop

This service is designed to help an author generate ideas, begin a project, or discover new strategic approaches to an existing project. The interaction between student and tutor is meant to facilitate the writing process of translating ideas, concepts, and argumentative elements onto the page. These interactions will focus on elements such as:

  • concept mapping – finding conceptual connections between differing ideas
  • outlining – planning a process for approaching a piece of writing
  • prewriting – considering approaches and writing purpose

This service does not address what an author has already written.

4. Virtual Meetings

In extenuating circumstances, the GWC offers virtual meetings to members of the WSU community who are not located on the Pullman campus.  Please note the following policies before requesting this service:

  • The student absolutely cannot attend a physical meeting in any capacity. If a student is in the Pullman area, the student must make a face-to-face appointment.
  • One week’s time is needed to schedule and arrange the meeting, this must be done via email. Requests for a meeting in less than a week will not be accommodated.
  • Meetings are conducted through Skype. Students must have access to both audio and video through Skype. A friend request to the GWC Skype profile must be sent no less than 24 hours before the meeting or the meeting will be canceled.

Please email us at to inquire about this service.



Location: Smith CUE 414
Email address:


Appointments, open hours, and drop-in workshop hours are all listed in our scheduling system: