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Graduate Writing Center Consultants

Melanie Thongs
PhD Physics
MFA Creative Writing – Nonfiction
Editor, WSU Professional Editing Service Center
GWC Consultant


Bill Engels
PhD English Literature
International Instructor of Writing 1998 – 2014
Former Principal of English Medium School in Bangladesh
Instructor of Writing at Spokane Falls Community College
GWC Consultant

Sherwin K. R. Sales
BA Literature and Creative Writing
MA English
PhD Student in Rhetoric and Composition
Research Interests: composition studies, writing center theory, Filipino American studies, Asian American studies
GWC Consultant

Elitza Kotzeva
MA Slavic Studies
MA Local Development
MA English
PhD Candidate in Rhetoric
Research Interests: rhetoric theory, performance theory, intercultural rhetorics
GWC Consultant and Outreach Coordinator

Richard Shafer
PhD Rural Sociology and Journalism/ University of Missouri
Emeritus Professor of Journalism/ University of North Dakota
Conducted journalism courses and workshops in 40+ countries for Fulbright, Soros Foundation and US State Department

Jamie Flathers
MFA Creative Writing – Fiction
Former Lecturer in Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and Composition at the University of Idaho
Research Interests: creative writing pedagogy, composition theory, intercultural communication
GWC Consultant

Troy Rowden
MA Candidate Rhetoric and Composition
Research Interests: Writing Center Theory, Political Economy, Electronic Literature, Rhetoric and Composition
GWC Consultant