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Professional Editing Service Center

The Professional Editing Service Center (PESC) provides high-quality proofreading and copy-editing services to members of the WSU community, and individuals outside of that community, at competitive rates and with a guaranteed level of quality.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Mission Statement:

Proofreading and copy-editing are necessary services in the field of academia, and have almost as much importance outside of academia as well. This work is demanding – asking proofreaders and copy-editors to draw upon a vast array of knowledge and experience to navigate the conventions of the text as well as maintaining the voice and presence of the author – but can be invaluable as it allows the author the confidence to know that his/her piece is as strong as possible in these complicated areas. Because providing these services at a high level of quality is such a specialized field, it is important for an author to find an individual who can offer these services at competitive prices. Because of this, PESC:

  • works to match clients with proofreaders/copy-editors – connecting individuals who need the service with top-quality workers.
  • takes out the uncertainty around services rendered, offering a number of different services, and some consultation on which service to choose.
  • guarantees the quality of work, allowing clients to be confident in the services provided.

All of the services provided by PESC are coordinated online. If you are interested in being connected with a proofreader/copy-editor you can fill out a Request for Service.

How to Request Service:

PESC works to connect clients with service providers. If you are interested in procuring the services of a PESC editor, please follow the following steps:

  1. Read the types of service offered and decide upon which type of service is best for you.
  2. Fill out a Request for Service form. This will indicate to PESC that you are interested in service.
  3. If you are a Grad Student: make sure you have permission from the faculty member overseeing this document. More information is available under Important Information.
  4. Check your email to be contacted by an employee of PESC who will provide you with a contract and who will begin the service interaction.

Important Information:

PESC is invested in meeting the needs of the client and in protecting a client’s information and investment. Before any services are performed, the client will be provided a contract that:

  • outlines any limits/expectations surrounding the services
  • provides information on a client’s rights and assurances
  • obligates both parties to agreed upon parameters.

After initial contact is made between a client and a service provider, the client will be given an estimation of work required, both in terms of hours of charged service and total time before the document is returned to the client. These estimates are subject to change with prior notice.

If the individual requesting service is a student then a faculty member overseeing the project must give formal approval for the PESC to edit the document. Whether it is a dissertation, a journal article, or a paper for a class, PESC must have permission in the following format in order to provide assistance:

  • The Faculty member must send an email from his/her WSU email address to containing the following information:
    • the name of the grad student requesting service,
    • the title/nature of the document,
    • and a statement of permission for PESC to edit this document.

Finally, PESC guarantees the work of all offered services. If the client is unhappy with the level of service, and the quality of the provided services is found to be lacking, PESC will offer a repeat of the requested services by a new provider at no additional charge.

Types of Service

  • Note: At present, undergraduates do not have access to this service.

PESC offers a number of services in different tiers of pricing and return. Before starting any services the provider will contact the client in order to agree upon specific elements of service, maximum hour limits, and to cover any questions presented by either party. While specific elements and issues within tiers of service are negotiable, the parameters of the different services provided, as well as the listed prices, are non-negotiable.

No service will be provided until a contract has been submitted. Information on method-of-payment options will be released soon.

  • Proofreading – $30 per hour

    • Proofreading features limited contact between the author and the proofreader. The author will submit a document and, after preliminary conversation pertaining to the document and services provided, the proofreader will work on his/her own to:
      • fix grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors
      • verify the correctness of the particular citation style
      • verify stylistic conventions within the document
    • The Proofreader will not make suggestions pertaining to style, voice, or tone, and will not suggest additional changes outside of the parameters listed above.
    • To sign up for Proofreading: submit a Request for Service.
  • Copy-Editing – $35 per hour

    • Copy-editing features more contact between the author and the copy-editor than proofreading. While there will be a preliminary conversation, the copy-editor will maintain more contact with the author throughout the process. This is because the responsibilities of the copy-editor are:
      • resolving style and text inconsistencies
      • exploring word/phrase usage within the document
      • re-writing or re-arranging sentences/paragraphs to maximize coherence of the document.
    • The responsibilities of the copy-editor are very different from those of the proofreader. Copy-editors will not fix grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors except where these errors coincide with the core responsibilities of the copy-editor. The copy-editor will spend more time making suggestions and changes that the original author can then accept or decline. This is, in part, the reason for increased contact between the two parties.
    • To sign up for copy-editing: submit a Request for Service.
  • Structural/Conceptual Editing – $55 per hour

    • A Structural/Conceptual Editor will work face-to-face with the author (either in-person, by phone, or online) to clarify aspects of meaning within the document that are obscured by language usage. This form of services is designed to, through collaboration between author and Structural/Conceptual Editor:
      • explore the purpose of the document and find the best way to express this purpose
      • consider broader issues present within the document that may be occluding meaning/purpose
      • engage with the conventions of the specific field to assure the paper meets these requirements.
    • The Structural/Conceptual Editor will, by definition, work very closely with the author after agreeing on when/how to accomplish this task.
    • To sign up for Structural/Conceptual Editing: submit a Request for Service.