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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request [M] status for a course?
  • The M-Course Form details the course requirements for Writing in the Major [M] status. It will need to be filled out completely and submitted in order for your course to be considered for [M] status.
Where do I submit the M-Course form?
  • Course proposals seeking an M-Course designation go first to the Catalog Subcommittee. The Catalog Subcommittee will dispatch course proposals to the correct reviewer for M Course approval. You can submit your M-Course form here for review.
How many credits does the course have to be?
  • An M-Course can be two or three credits. Two-credit courses must have at least 60% of the course grade based on writing assignments, and three-credit courses must have at least 30% of the course grade based on writing assignments.
Do M-Courses have to be 300 level or above?
  • Yes. Because M-Courses are designed around writing in the major, and major-specific writing begins at the 300 level, M-Courses must be 300 level or above.
Are there resources available to help with M-Course design?
  • Yes! Our resource page is a good place to start looking for helpful information, and Writing Program Director Lisa Johnson-Shull ( can be contacted for further help.