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Reports on the WSU Writing Program

Since 1993, WSU’s Writing Program has prepared biennial reports on student performance as writers. Evaluations on many dimensions of the University Writing Portfolio program provided information on students’ preparedness to write in their major. The reports also provide colleges and administrators with information about student skill levels.

The most recent report (2013-2015), released in May 2016, indicates that there’s a positive, stable trend that WSU undergraduates are, or are on course to be, very good communicators through their writing.

The report …

  • was based on a record-breaking number of nearly 10,500 portfolios submitted from summer 2013 to summer 2015
  • showed that 84 percent of all students earn “completed” or better on their portfolio, with 4.4 percent of those earning a “completed with distinction” honor
  • offered evidence that the range of courses from which the portfolio writing samples were drawn was broadening significantly